Yo! Sushi (Updated)

We have been frequenting Yo! Sushi quite a lot these past few weeks.

First we went to Manchester Trafford Centre, it’s in Selfridges, with 30% off vouchers from the Love Yo! club. I may have made a slight pig of myself, which is, to be honest quite a regular occurrence.

11 plates, including a yellow one as you see. Yellow is the new expensive dish. £6.00 for these bad boys. I had the Scallop Katsu – Crispy Japanese breaded scallops with wasabi mayonnaise. Loverly.

Then we went to the one in Liverpool the week after. This time we went for Blue Monday. This is where all the plates on the belt are blue, therefore £2.40. You can still order other stuff but the blue plates can save you a small fortune.

I had 12.

A further week and we decided to go back to the one in the Trafford Centre. Again the 30% deal had expired so we went for another Blue Monday…

Well a went a little overboard and had 13 plates this time. However sushi is healthy so bugger it, it was great. The top most plate is purple. I wanted that dish and despite it not being on a bluey, I snaffled it off of the belt regardless of cost.

Maybe we’ll give the Sushi a miss next week, maybe we won’t. Normally it’s a treat enjoyed at least six months between visits but when it’s so accessible and I am with a Sushi addict colleague – anything can happen.

Can I go to 14?

*** UPDATE 17/12/2012***

Myself and Kev took Clive – a Sushi virgin – to the one in Cardiff and he looooooved it and is now a Yo! convert.

On a personal note I managed a Commodore *. When we sat down Kev pointed out the fellow beside him had managed 14 plates – Challenge Accepted I said…

So I did 15

*  In the UK a five pound note can be referred to as a “Lady Godiva” rhymes with “fiver”. The Commodores had a hit with “Three times a lady”   3×5 = 15

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