Tomato Ketchup

So me and my youngest Daughter are having our tea in McDonalds and I was casually reading the menu. I noticed the breakfast menu had Bacon Roll with Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

I said “that’s wrong – bacon butties should be with Brown Sauce” but she pointed out that they go equally well with Ketchup.

This got us thinking and we couldn’t come up with a food or meal that you couldn’t/shouldn’t put Ketchup on

(no puddings)

Can you?

5 thoughts on “Tomato Ketchup”

  1. hello again,
    I disagree with the comment on bacon because if ketchup goes with everything then it goes equally well on bacon as brown sauce.
    then again I don’t like brown sauce cause its icky but people have different tastes I will not judge peoples decisions.
    BOO BROWN SAUCE!!!!!!!
    ha ha ha ha…

  2. hmmmm…. sorry Caitlin but although tomato sauce goes very well with bacon, in my opinion brown sauce or hp sauce enhances the flavor as it is a more savory flavor as apposed to tomato sauce being a sweet flavor.
    But i can also understand your opinion because, as a child (yes I know that is a very, very long time ago) I would have agreed with you but now that I’m an adult (not grown up as I’m sure you’re aware… boy’s never grow up… look at ya dad :p ) my taste buds crave the more savory tastes.
    Which brings me to the next quandary…. Daddies or HP 🙂


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