Tomato Ketchup


So me and my youngest Daughter are having our tea in McDonalds and I was casually reading the menu. I noticed the breakfast menu had Bacon Roll with Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

I said “that’s wrong – bacon butties should be with Brown Sauce” but she pointed out that they go equally well with Ketchup.

This got us thinking and we couldn’t come up with a food or meal that you couldn’t/shouldn’t put Ketchup on

(no puddings)

Can you?


  1. Dave says:

    I love Ketchup on everything except Cornflakes. Brown Sauce 4 Bacon FTW

  2. Caitlin says:

    hello again,
    I disagree with the comment on bacon because if ketchup goes with everything then it goes equally well on bacon as brown sauce.
    then again I don’t like brown sauce cause its icky but people have different tastes I will not judge peoples decisions.
    BOO BROWN SAUCE!!!!!!!
    ha ha ha ha…

  3. Stooey says:

    hmmmm…. sorry Caitlin but although tomato sauce goes very well with bacon, in my opinion brown sauce or hp sauce enhances the flavor as it is a more savory flavor as apposed to tomato sauce being a sweet flavor.
    But i can also understand your opinion because, as a child (yes I know that is a very, very long time ago) I would have agreed with you but now that I’m an adult (not grown up as I’m sure you’re aware… boy’s never grow up… look at ya dad :p ) my taste buds crave the more savory tastes.
    Which brings me to the next quandary…. Daddies or HP :)


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