The Burrito

The humble Burrito. A Burrito is a Mexican food. It’s also utterly delicious.

It consists of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape to completely enclose the filling. The flour tortilla is usually lightly grilled or steamed, to soften it and make it more pliable.

Burrito fillings generally include a combination of ingredients such as Mexican-style rice or plain rice, refried beans or beans, lettuce, salsa, meat, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream, and the size varies. Typically, American-style burritos are stuffed with more ingredients than the primary meat and/or vegetable filling. Luckily for me as, fully stuffed Burritos are the ones we have here in the UK.

Meat wise you cannot beat Pulled Pork (Carnitas). Nothing comes close to Pulled Pork. A lot of the various emporiums embellish theirs, such as…

Mission Burrito – Slow cooked pork, seasoned with thyme, bay leaves and orange zest then cooked for hours until fall apart tender.

El Mexicana – Pulled pork with achiote, fresh lime and orange juice.

Tortilla – Quality assured, outdoor reared is patiently braised for hours, in a blend of spices until it’s fall apart tender.

Along with the heaven that is Carnitas, there is rice – usually a selection of different flavours, coriander being a fave – refried beans, a bit of lettuce, and then the salsa.

I’m not a big fan of hot heat, preferring the milder, medium spiced salsa. I particularly like Salsa Tomatillo (green tomatillos with jalapenos, onion, coriander and lime). Salsa Verde (a traditional Mexican green salsa, made with roasted tomatillos, serrano chiles, sautéed onions and fresh coriander). But most salsas will suffice.

So the rest of the Burrito has a goodly portion of cheese, grated in really thin strips. Sour Cream and Guacamole. Some places charge extra for the Guac. So be it.

If I were to rank the Burritos for awesomeness I would have to say…

  1. Mission Burrito – Reading and Oxford – they need to come north.
  2. El Mexicana – made my own Tomtom POI so they must be good.
  3. Tortilla – again southern, good job I travel a lot with work.
  4. Hungry Horse – yay, there is one less than a mile away from home.
  5. Taco Bell – a bit industrial but edible.

If I were told I could only eat one meal for the rest of my days, I would have to say Carnitas Burrito. It’s a pity that my first three favourites are so bloody far away. The nearest is El Mexicana on the A1 at Peterborough services. I mean yes, Hungry Horse is a mile away and so I can indulge myself in fine feast, but it’s a sit down, not a takeaway (I wonder if they would wrap one up in foil for me to eat out?) -To the others I plead –

Move north my fine friends, customers waiting.

Then there’s the nachos. Oh the nachos. Salsa, Cheese, Jalapenos, Nom nom nom.

In fact I love all Mexican food, Burrito, Taco, Enchilada, Nachos, Chimichanga, Fajita, Quesadilla, Churros, I love it all.

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