Yes, Maccy’s have the McRib in the UK at the minute, delicious as it is, it’s not a patch on actual slow cooked pork ribs. Cooked low for a long time, until they fall apart at the merest whiff of a fork.

I have to use a fork due to my weirdness. I cannot stand food on my fingers. Sauces and grease make me feel queasy if they are covering my digits. Therefore I eat ribs with a knife and fork. This means they have to basically fall off the bones. Rib bones are very difficult to hold with a piece of cutlery. Luckily most places cook the pork so they tear off easily and cleanly.

In the past you had to go to a specialist BBQ place to get decent ribs. Damons in Lincoln was the place to go for us Yellow Bellies, but now there are many emporiums that can cook a decent rib. Which is good because Damons Racks have become decidedly average of late. Smaller than before and not so special, a rack and a half used to finish me off yet now I’m craving a pudding, even Harvester do bigger better ribs. Their Budweiser Mega Ribs are sublime. I haven’t been served a bad rack up to now. (if in TGI Friday – remember NOT to order the Jack Daniels Sauce on yer ribs as the dressing is awful, too sweet and acidic)

Cooking at home in days of yore was a no-no as not one supermarket could come up with an edible rib. You’d be better off eating a shoe. Yes, I could have some from the butcher and gone to the trouble of marinating and what-not, but who has the time for that malarkey. No. Ready cooked racks you finish in the oven to perfection – always bake for 10 to 15 minutes more than instructions recommend, covered to prevent drying of the sauce – are now a possibility.

Starting with M&S, who’s BBQ Rib Ticklers – “low and slow applewood smoked British pork rib rack served with a sticky apple bbq glaze” – are transcendent, divine, heavenly, glorious even. Never any gristle or bone fragments, fall off the bone, I’ve yet to take them from pan to plate without the rack breaking, these ribs are the best. £14.00 for two – a bargain for perfection.

Tesco then stepped up with New York Style Pork Ribs – “A slowly cooked, marinated rack of pork ribs with New York style sauce. Slowly cooked for 4 hours in a blend of pepper & spices with a smoky BBQ sauce to finish” – we can now enjoy porky goodness to our liking from a major player. Succulent meat, no gristle, great spicy sweet sauce. These are moorish. I don’t understand why they print Great For Sharing on the box though, because Tucker don’t Share Food. Especially meat based cuisine. £4.00 each or two for £7.00

Next I want to try the Waitrose offering, I have heard good things. I will update this paragraph with the results.

I’m not saying supermarket ribs, even M&S, can compete with a bona-fide BBQ pit, but they are near enough to the ones I have sampled here in the UK. Having watched, salivating usually, Man vs Food on the Good Food channel, I would love to follow in Adam’s footsteps and eat at all the places he frequents, to taste and enjoy genuine BBQ pit ribs. Would they be any better? Funds do not allow a trip to the US and A, so I’ll have to make do with my favourites above.

Please recommend me a BBQ pit here in the UK, or shop bought Rack in the comments. I wanna sample them all.

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