McDonalds Signature Burger

Ah McDonalds. Some say it’s shite. Some say it’s for kids, and then there are those like myself that frequent the golden arches way too much. Which is neither good for waistline, pocket, or general wellbeing.

Most of the burgers are way too sloppy with all the sauce they slather on. I always order mine sans sauce. I know that kinda defeats the object of say, a Big Mac, but I don’t like slop or grease on me fingers. The patties are generally thin so they are of wet consistency. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it does make for a greasy queasy feeling in yer throat after your third double cheeseburger. They do a great coffee though and the fries are the best of any fast food place I happen to have tried.

Then we have the Signature Collection.

These burgers are thick, dry, meaty, tasty, better bun – brioche, better accoutrements: lettuce, red onion, thick whole grain mustard mayo that’s a dollop not a gallon. Bacon.

The only let down is the cheese. Why do they insist on putting cheddar cheese slices on the better burgers. American cheese, Kraft cheese slices, whatever you want to call them, are what is supposed to reside on the meat of a burger. It stays the same consistency and colour hot or cold. Cheddar cheese slices just go transparent and taste of sod all.

There are currently only 140 outlets that do these delights. Unfortunately I live over half an hour away from the nearest few. Boo.

These are what Maccys should serve as the normal burger.

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