What’s the Point?


For any of you reading this, who unfortunately had to endure my old wordpress site – due to an upgrade to WordPress 2.7 using a different upgrade tool than normal – my database became unusable. The install would not point to my old database insisting I use another or append to the old and not use the existing prefix thus rendering my blog… fucked.

I am not computer literate enough to do anything about it and so I merely lay down and accept defeat.

I start again in the hope I may be able to post more regularly, write more intelligently, be funnier, not bitch so much and finally entertain.

To be honest I don’t expect anyone to read this, it’s just for me really, but I did have a modicum of success with a post about McDonalds stopping serving breakfast after 10:30 (which really pisses me and a fair few others off) I may resurrect that post if I can find a back up I made of it.

Anyway enough of this drivel.


Oh, by the way. If you happen to get spam from “tuckeratlarge.com” it’s not me, it’s just those spamming fuckers spoofing my domain. I hope they die in abject agony and spend eternity getting spiked up the arse in the very worst pit of hell.