Five Guys Burgers and Fries (UK)

Recently Five Guys was voted, in the UK, as the countries best fast food restaurant. To be honest, I cannot say that I have heard of them. So I thought to myself – “Hmmmm, I’ll be the judge of that” seeing as how I am a fat lardy and therefore partial to a patty or two.

I was working at Birmingham New Street and, lo and behold there is one there so I’ll have one as an end of week treat. Trouble was I didn’t see out the week in Brum. Nevermind on the way back from Oop North I called in at one of the Leeds outlets.

The décor, menus, and  signage are all simple. No faff. Just red for the words and simple wood for the tables and chairs. You order at the till and wait for your number to be called to collect the food. Drinks were at a Coke fountain that had 100+ flavours. There were nine flavours of Diet Coke alone. I had Vanilla.

Food ready – number called – bag collected – seat taken.

I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger, simple with just onions and pickle. (There are many other toppings to choose from if you prefer something else).

Five Guys Style fries, which were ‘skin on’ and salty. They were from Lincolnshire as the signs proclaimed – always a bonus.

The burger consisted of two succulent, tasty, cooked to perfection, patties ( dunno what weight they were as it isn’t mentioned, but my guess would be quarter pounders), Gooey cheese, well-done bacon, pickle, onion, on an unremarkable, save for it being slightly sweet, sesame seed bun. So far so normal.

I love a burger. McDonald’s, Burger King, Ed’s, TGI Friday, you name it. I can categorically state here and now that… FIVE GUYS – BEST BURGER EVER

They do Hot Dogs as well so will have to try them out also. The only downside, other than location, is the price. It’s quite steep as the meal was over £16.

Checkout the five guys menu to see what you may like.

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