Earl Grey Tea

I’ve gone all posh. I’ve widened my horizons and battled with the urge to brew the PG tips and now my favourite tea is – Twinings Earl Grey.

It was favorable for Captain Picard*, although he had his sans milk. Even though I am scum and not at all posh or civilised (China teacup, saucer and tea-pot not for me) I don’t feel out-of-place with a box or two in my Tesco trolley.

I’m a mug boy and will always be a mug boy. I like my Earl Grey with a good glug of full fat milk, poured in first, boiling water on top, and then brew for one and a half minutes. Lift the tea bag out, there’s been no stirring during the brewing process, let that little bag of wonder drip the goodness into the mug. Still no stirring. No sugar neither, perish the thought. Perfect cuppa.

I like the taste of this Earl Grey, with its ‘Oil of Bergamot’–no, I don’t know what it it either–giving it a nice smooth finish. No tannin or bitterness. Just loverly smooth tasty tea.

Even though it has become de rigueur to ask for it, there is no such thing as builders tea, nonetheless you could call PG, Yorkshire, Ty-Phoo, or Tetley, builders. I will drink these on my travels, hotels and roadside cafes, but now the home preference is Earl Grey.

I never really thought about tea alternatives until I happened upon a documentary by Victoria Wood, who I like, on BBC2. She gave us a history lesson and a rundown of various tea blends and types. Following this I bought a few choices and Earl Grey came out on top.

I have been known to drink green tea in the past and will continue to do so. If you brew it for just the one minute it can be a very refreshing drink. However, plain green tea is good, green tea with peppermint is good, green tea flavoured with fruitiness is too sweet, so not for me.

Assam is quite nice and is my second preferential choice. Looks a bit weird as it has a ruddy yellowy colour to the brown-ness but has a great taste. I am fully prepared to experiment with new teas, although I think being a simple (read lazy) boy they are going to have to be the bagged variety. I may miss out on some great beverages but cannot be bothered with all the faff.

Earl Grey, full-fat milk, NO sugar, 00:01:30 brew time. Nice cuppa.

*if you don’t get that reference, don’t despair – not everyone is a nerd like me.

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