Food glorious food. I love food, I have tried the meats of quite a few animals –for example: beef, lamb, bacon – oh the bacon – pork, gammon, chicken, goose, duck, partridge, horse, ostrich, venison or curries made of indeterminate breed or species – all delicious. I have tried fruits from around the globe – too numerous to list, all delicious. I have enjoyed vegetables, nuts, grains, pulses and beans of all shapes and sizes that have been presented to me hot and cold – including the truly wonderful Brussels Sprout. Again all delicious.

I would say my favourite ‘type’ of food is seafood. I have a passion for fish, Sea Bass being my No.1 cooked fish and Yellow fin Tuna my preference raw. All kinds of seafood from prawns to whelks; Razor fish to Octopus.

I am getting hungry so enough with the lists, you get it – I like food. Oooh I just thought of toast.


I have sampled cooking from most genres – English, French, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Cajun, American, Japanese, Thai, Barbeque, and Pot Noodles to name a few.

However there is one foodstuff that is truly and without question the most evil substance with calorific value… the loathsome coconut.

I have had an aversion to this white seed for as long as I can remember. It is all things to do with it. Yes the taste is something I would not like if that was it. But it’s also the texture. If however the coconut is desiccated then a whole extra level of unpleasant is piled on top.

It’s basically the dandruff from the devils anus.

To describe the texture of desiccated coconut I have a little story. Back in the day my wife had a green skirt. This green skirt was made from, if memory serves, polyester. Now we have all worn something made from or with polyester. However this green skirt was made of a polyester with remarkable properties. It had a kind of nap. When dry it was soft and, I don’t know – furry?

Wet straight out of the washing machine however, it took on a strange touch. If you rubbed it between your fingers it had the ability to render your whole arm numb. Tingly at first in the fingers and then just plain numb. That in a nutshell is coconut (‘scuse the intended pun)

It’s like that sound you get when you scrape a knife on a plate. I know it’s a bit tenuous to liken a texture to a sound but you get the metaphor.

I can just about stomach coconut milk in curries, but not coconut flesh. No Korma for me then.

Don’t even show me a Bounty either. I would rather lick the bottom of an ashtray.

3 thoughts on “Coconut”

  1. hello, I like cheese…….
    …I LOVE cheese in fact and your thingy~ma~bobby on cheese slices make me want cheese…. x
    from your little angel and youngest and favourite daughter + your favourite nibbler
    Caitlin + Scarlett
    x x

  2. hello,
    I don’t like coconut neither do you mum does though but she doesn’t count because she is a freak and i’m not a mongo daddy just because I don’t put apostrophes in some occasional words that need them so (raspberries) to you “) just because you’re being a pedant
    lots of love caty~baloobaloo

  3. Hi mate…
    With reference to the wet polyester skirt… what are your thoughts on cotton wool and even… dare i say it… wet cotton wool!?
    I know there are those that can’t stand the squeaky touch of it. I didn’t realize there was such a phobia until I met the wife as the mere thought of it makes her come out in goose bumps.


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