Bran Flakes? Really?

To quote internet parlance – OMG, WTF – breakfast has changed, not completely I hasten to add. But changed it has. Obviously not a permanent change, that would be idiotic. Completely rule out Fry-Ups – I should coco!

I am, and always will be, a big fan of the Full English Breakfast.

Eggs (fried, poached, or scrambled, 3 minimum), Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms, Black Pudding, and Hash Browns**. Altogether—preferred—or in a myriad of combinations of the above ingredients. Always with brick-dust (white pepper), sometimes with Brown Sauce, sometimes with salt. Tea or Coffee. Orange Juice—don’t want scurvy now do we.

On the road? well let’s have a Sausage and Egg butty. At a pinch a Bacon butty. Eateries of all types, be they roadside trailers, huts or full-blown cafes, always serve shit bacon. I have never come across a Bacon butty done to my requirements. Sausage it is then. McDonalds do a good Sausage and Egg Muffin with hash brown so I’ll have that then.

When available from such fine brasseries as Wetherspoons, I am quite partial to Eggs Benedict. Two poached eggs sat on a loverly slab of ‘off the bone’ ham, sat on half of an english muffin smothered in creamy hollandaise  sauce. Frankie and Benny’s do an example of this dish, however due to their breakfast starting at 9:00am we are usually at work by then. Must try harder to sample it’s morning cuisine.

But wait on a minute. There is room for cereals such as Weetabix and Corn Flakes. Full of sugar and preposterous claims of fortitude aside, they’re nice to eat and make a reasonable change from a fry-up (cannot believe i just typed that!). As does porridge. If it’s made with milk—full fat—and has the consistency of thick soup, delicious. No sugar added to either as they’re sweet enough for me. Unlike Daughter No.2 who has cereal with most of the contents of the sugar caddy. Weirdo.

Being a lardy fat bloater, and getting fed up of it, a bit of a health kick sometimes washes over me and I go all diet crazy. Thus Bran Flakes. These things have never appealed to me as they are wholegrain, fibre packed, burned cornflake looking, cardboard. Well I always thought they tasted of cardboard.

They don’t though. They actually taste delectable, less sweet than other cereals, which in my book is a good thing. I was staying in a Hotel last week and breakfast was getting a little boring, porridge was ordered and discarded for being, A: made with water, and 2. The consistency of dough. A croissant was explored, dry and uninspiring they were dismissed also. “Let’s try Bran Flakes. Can’t be that bad. You don’t know until you try”. Gotta try being a bit healthier and a soupcon of sacrifice is always needed when it come to health.

I am now a convert. They are my breakfast cereal of choice. I can feel my bowels loving the fibre. I can feel my arteries loving the absence of saturated fat. That’s not to say I’m ditching the tremendous Full English. It’s going to be a once a week treat. But let us try to lose a bit of fat and reduce the cholesterol a smidgen. If I can do it whilst enjoying the alternative then all the better.

You will notice in the photo I took in me kitchen, blueberries. These tasty little balls are good for you in many, many ways. Classed as a superfood they do you no end of good. For example, Catechins found in blueberries activate fat-burning genes in abdominal fat cells to help with weight loss, and belly fat loss in particular. Good, because if it’s one thing Tucker needs it’s less belly fat. For more info on Blueberries, click here to read about 12 reasons why they should be in my diet.

Bran Flakes – bit of fruit – full-fat milk – Tea

** Capitalised to show my appreciation for these ingredients.

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