Bacon Sandwich

I have just had the best, self made, bacon butty in my life.

It was made simply from unsmoked bacon from Spoilt Pig, five rashers, a ‘Scotch Big Eat Roll’ from ASDA, and Salted Butter from Lurpak.

Yes, a naked, no condiment, no extra, no faff, bacon butty of the highest order. Cooked to perfection in my Tefal Optigrill. If you don’t know, it’s the one that’s got a computer in the handle and a thickness meter in it’s hinge. Set to ‘Bacon’ I always leave it a little past well done for porky greatness.

I have tried many bacons in my grill. Spoilt Pig unsmoked back bacon seems the best bet for me. I usually go for bacon that’s got as little fat on it as possible. Going so far as to purchase Bacon medallions that have none at all. No need with this choice pigginess as the fat just crisps up lovely. I do not like bacon when the fat stays all chewy and slippery and gross. Must be crispy, Must be or not there.

Slimy, chewy fat is the main reason I eat sausage butties out and about. Well, preferably Sausage and Egg. The best of which can be had at Sally’s Sandwich Shop on Scotter Road, Scunthorpe.

To rolls, or if you prefer buns, baps, cobs, barm, or any number of names for them. I love the ones at Sally’s, and ASDA Scotch Big Eats, because they are soft and squidgy. That’s how I roll 🙂

Lurpak Butter. Got to be Butter, may as well have a good one.

Yes, I could have had Brown Sauce as I love it, but I thought I’d go simple and what a good choice that was. Sometimes all you taste is the sauce – a reason why I don’t have it on burgers – nice as it is I wanted to taste the bacon in it’s purest form.

Well, the grill just beeped to say it’s back to temp – Round Two


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