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Quick Restaurant Reviews

Mcdonalds-90s-logo.svgMaccys burgers are always too sloppy so I remove the sauce. The drinks are sugar water, but the fries – when hot – are the best fries of any fast food place. I even like the Chicken and Bacon Salad. Still pissed off about the 10:30am cut-off for Breakfast menu though. Bad Maccys

BKsmallI love the burgers because there is no slop, unless you choose a whopper. The fries are OK, but the Chili Cheese bites are a taste sensation. Breakfast Hash Brown bites sublime.

nansmallSlightly overpriced as you need a big order to get a decent feed. Kids love it though. Most of the places I’ve been to have been great. Except Castleford.

frank180Don’t go to the one is Scunny. It’s shite. Bad service/food. Elsewhere has been great though and having spent ages ordering the Philly Burger now Meatballs are my fave.

yo1All off Yo! food is great. I especially like the sushi with the raw fish. Make sure you have plenty of money as it’s the most expensive meal on the list. Can be upto £50 – blimey. Make sure you go on Blue monday – £2.50 a plate.

Harvester Logo_salad-grillFree salad is a draw. I don’t eat chicken here as it’s halal. The ribs though are awesome, a big helping. Even better than Damons in Lincoln. There, I said it. They also do a great starter of Nachos with all the trimings – nice.


To be honest I haven’t had a bad meal here. The food is generally excellent and they have many 2 for £10 offers. Some of the dishes are huge. The mixed grill is mahoosive. First time I ever tried a corn dog. Immense.

Addendum – Just lately at the two Scunny outlets, the food has been shite. So skip what I said.

WetherspoonLBreakfast at Spoons is great whether you have Full English or my fave of Eggs Benedict. Some of the ‘nights’ are good value. Especially the curry night. Steak and salad, 400 calories for diet days.


Previously banished for using halal chicken, Subway is back in the game as their Pulled Pork is sublime. The bread, as always, is too small.

phsmallA little expensive but the pizza is good. Again, all you can eat salad.

domsmallExpensive if the offers are not taken advantage of. Results vary around the country as to how good the pizza turns out. Even though they use the same ingredients.

greggsI would live in greggs if I could.

I have bakers constipation – I can’t pass a Greggs!!!!!!!

kfcsmallThis place has gone so downhill it’s unbelievable. I avoid in all but Scunny and Gainsborough as they are now using halal chicken. Not good. Then again, I have pretty much stopped eating  KFC as it’s mostly greasy shite.

PrintMy favourite food is Mexican. Burrito, Fajita, Taco, Quesadilla, Nachos, Guacamole, Salsa – I’ll eat it all. Mission serve a large Burrito and that is why I have a loyalty card.

tbsmallThree in the country and only been to two. Food OK but looks too “assembly line” if you know what I mean. Looks like it’s made by machine.

RedsSublime. Only in Leeds. Having watched Man vs Food for ages, this BBQ pit with its metal welded chairs and its open kitchen, metal tray and metal dishes, is just heaven. I love this place. Just wish it were a bit closer to home – say Lincoln or Donny. The pulled pork is juicy and tender. Nom nom, nom nom nom.

tfismallA bit too American – AKA sweet. Everything tastes like sugar. Always seem to order the Jack Daniels sauce on me ribs and then regret it as it’s shit.


They do some good theme nights. The menu items are good as well. They should never have got rid of pie night though.

crown-carveries-in-generalWe all love a gravy dinner and be it Crown or Toby – you cannot beat a good Sunday Dinner style carvery. Sometimes they even do Brussel Sprouts at chrimbo.

bpsmallI have frequented many many Indian restaurants and they can be a mixed bag. Usually I opt for a Biryani. They can vary wildly. Now like to experiment with other dishes.

wagamamaWent to Lincoln on Brayford Wharf. Expensive but good food. Some surprises, the pickles were awesome. Must go again to try other dishes.

Giraffe-logo_orangeCheeky bastards charge a 10% gratuity automatically. Food was vastly overpriced for what you got. A bacon burger and a portion of fries that would have embarrassed a Happy Meal plus a small drink – which was mainly ice – for £15. Never again.

handmade burgerNot gone yet!

harry-logoWhat can you say, it’s a chippy. Albeit a posh one. Still not as good as my local chippy Excel Fisheries. Having said that it’s a great meal.

Ed-sVery expensive for a burger, didn’t taste of fuck all. I least I tried it, probably won’t again. They have wet chips on the menu. Curiosity made us order them. Gravy, it’s just chips and gravy. Say so on the fucking menu. It was powdery crap on oven chips. Why do this?

ChiquitoOverpriced and under fed.

HardRockCafeOverpriced burger. Why do these places charge a fortune for a damn burger?

44ce0de1-6858-47eb-8df9-0d3ad5a454eaBurrito – burrito – Burrito – burrito – Burrito – burrito  -Burrito – burrito – Burrito – burrito oh and some nachos on the side. Yummy. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of time it would be an El Mexicana Burrito. Loyalty card filling up nicely.

1_frame_HEADER_IMAGEOverpriced pretentious shite from a bloke spouting crap about value on TV… £2.55 for a can of pop? feck off. Powdered Parmesan, do me a favour.

download (2)Food in this place is loverly. Not too expensive and always tasty. Big food and a 20oz steak.

education-news-wok-and-go1Noodles and stuff in a box. Looked at it and thought “not much there” however looks can be deceiving as it took ages to make a dent. Got bollocked for topping up my coke as that’s not allowed. Who has a machine the punters use and not do bottomless?

little-chefYears ago, when I was a kid, Little Chef was a treat. We used to goto the one on Laceby Crossroads in Grimsby. Scampi and Chips was my choice. Then Little Chef went to shit in the 90s and 00s. However a forced visit whilst staying at a Travelodge made me change my mind. The breakfasts are reasonably good. Must try the dinners.

carlucciosReasonable food, bit posh. Expensive for a bit of pasta. Can’t beleive they served powdered Parmesan though. Come on for fecks sake, you spout off about being authentic and getting all your stuff from Italy, and you serve that shit. No thanks.

tortilla copy

Can’t fault the Burritos from here. The nachos are sublime also. Om nom nom.


Well bugger me. I have actually found an Italian eatery that’s not only reasonably priced but where the food is awesome. I had the meatballs and spaghetti. For the first time I have received pasta that is soft and smooth. The sauce and the meat were sublime. The final kicker was the Parmesan. They actually had a block they grated. Not that powdered shit that Jamie’s and Carluccio’s foisted upon me. 10/10 from me.

download (3)

Yay. Having ranted about the lack of Italian eateries in the area, and giving Bella a glowing review above, we find Prezzo. It’s only 25 minutes away in Gainsborough and in the same category as Bella. Fantastic pasta. Fantastic Meat Balls. Fantastic other food we tried. Prices are OK and yes, praise be to the flying spaghetti monster – they do real Parmesan. On a block.


Went here with high expectations. Food was good, but room for improvement. The tortilla wrapping my burrito was a bit cardboardy and the filling, whilst tasty, was too chunky. Not a patch on El Mexicana or Tortilla burritos, which are far cheaper. Chimi is too expensive to be taken as a regular haunt.


This place is in the same vein as Red’s in Leeds. However, it’s in Beverley which at 45mins away is still too far. Pulled Pork is sublime though. Corn Dogs, ribs, burgers, sliders, and not on the menu Foot Long Burritos, make this place a re-visit certainty.


Well, isn’t this a turn up. Beefeater used to be crap. Not now, they have really improved. The one Scunthorpe does a fantastic mixed grill and the flat iron steak is juicy and fat free. Went to the Northampton one and had the Fillet Steak. In a previous post I stated that a steak I had from Damons was the best. Not now, Beefeater provided me with THE best piece of cow meat I ever ate.


Just a simple burger joint, not much on the menu. But that’s the point they do two or three thing and they do them well. Five Guys Burgers are the best Burgers ever.

download (2)

Pretty much the same as Dominos, same shop style, same pizzas, however the Scunny one is utter shite.


Without doubt THE best fish and chip shop in the world. Ever. Full Stop. It’s in Willerby, which is near Kingston-upon-Hull. But the three quid I have to pay for the Humber Bridge is worth it for the feast that awaits.

This place is great, easy to get to and weather breakfast dinner or tea, the food is sublime. I have a loyalty card which is already full.

The best ribs, the best pulled pork. This place is on Steep Hill in Lincoln as requires you book in advance as it’s so popular. A treat place for sure.


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Favourite Menu Items

(updated 15/02/2018)

Ah loverly. Done right, the Full English Breakfast is the best meal ever. Doesn’t even have to be morning time. Any time will do.

Whilst not having the F.E.B. these…

  Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin & Hash Brown

  XL Bacon Triple Cheeseburger & Chili Cheese Bites

Nandos_Logo_940x350px  Mango & Lime Whole Chicken (only Hull/Lincoln)

frank180  F&B Meatballs on Penne Pasta, loads of Parmesan

  Chicken Katsu Curry & Yo Rolls & Okonomiyaki

AkkYAgD3 copy  Kilo Ribs

fayresmall  Corn Dogs – Fillet Steak Medallions

WetherspoonL  Eggs Benedict / 12oz Angus Steak

  Meatball Marinara

logo-300x300  Hawaiian

Domino-pizza-logo-1024x768  Hawaiian

greggs  Sausage Bean and Cheese melt

  Fillet Tower Burger Meal (only Scunny)

Print  Carnitas Burrito with Salsa Verde

Taco_bell_logo-3  Beef Double Decker Taco

Reds  North Carolina Pulled Pork ‘n’ Slaw

500px-Tgi_fridays_logo13.svg copy  Double Glazed Ultimate Ribs

brewer_fayre  Steak, Kidney & Boddingtons Pudding

crown-carveries-in-general  Turkey, Gammon & plenty of Roasties

bpsmall  Indian: Chicken Tikka Sagwalla

3026-waga-logo  Pulled Pork Gyoza

Giraffe-logo_orange  Giraffe Burger and Skin on fries

harry-logo  Haddock, Chips, and Peas

Ed-s  Barbecue Deluxe Burger

Chiquito  Pulled Pork Baked Enchilada

HardRockCafe  Legendary 10oz Burger

44ce0de1-6858-47eb-8df9-0d3ad5a454ea  Carnitas Burrito with Salsa Tomatillo

  Man vs Burrito with Pulled Pork

education-news-wok-and-go1  Mee Gee Seafood Box

little-chef  Breakfast Wrap, Lavazza Coffee

carluccios  Ravioli

tortilla copy  Carnitas Burrito

New-Bella-Logo  Polpette Americano (Spaggy Meatballs)

  Spaghetti with Meatballs

download (3)  8oz Fillet Steak with spicy chips

fiveguyslogo  Bacon Cheeseburger, onions and pickles with Five Guys Style Fries

download (2)  All the Meats

37h6NGqS  Haddock Chips and Peas

sizzling  Complete Porker

  Utah Burger with Fried Egg, and Chips

  Loaded Burrito – pork and chicken

  Texas BBQ Pit Tray

  Chicken, ’Nduja & Roquito Peppers

  Smashed Avocado with Bacon Cheese Fries

  Deer Stalker Mothership

  Kansas City Smoked Brisket 32hr Black Angus

  Philly steak & cheese sandwich

  Shack-cago Dog®

  Beat the Meat Taco Burger

  Sushi Wednesday

  Halibut Dauphinoise


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