Whinging his way through the culinary world with no sense of smell.

Tucker is a middle aged useless tosser who happens to like food. A LOT. This is why he’s a lardy bloater. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cheapo crappo or poncy shite as long as it tastes good. It has to taste good because he has no sense of smell.

Tucker suffers from Anosmia, so he can only go by the five tastes. This probably explains why he likes Pot Noodles. Therefore a commentary on a particular foodstuff is purely from the taste, texture, and sight of food. 80% of peoples ‘taste’ is actually smell. Missing out on the subtle and not so subtle smells of foods and ingredients, herbs and spices especially, may explain an addiction to simple meals.

This site in the most part is a celebration of different food stuffs from the different eating emporiums he has visited during his time on the road pretending to work.

Obviously Tuckers opinion counts for nought, but if you agree, disagree, find his choices abhorrent or just plain hate pub/chain food then comment below the list. Let’s hear about your choices, it may inspire the fat one to try it.

Tucker loves food, all food – with the exception of Coconut…

…Oh and sugar in Tea…

…And milk in coffee.

But that’s unimportant, it’s your opinion that counts.

The author of the posts contained within makes no representations that he can actually write for shit. They are definitely not written with any nod to grammar or sentence/paragraph structure and should therefore be read as if you are being spoken at by a moron. Spelling is taken care of by the good folks at Google so if a few errors slip through, again, blame idiocy.


Motto: “You Can’t Polish a Turd”



Homepage: http://tuckeratlarge.com or .co.uk, .org.net, and now .uk

Twitter: @tuckeratlarge – not that I post anything interesting


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