Favourite Menu Items

(updated 20/07/2017)

Ah loverly. Done right, the Full English Breakfast is the best meal ever. Doesn’t even have to be morning time. Any time will do.

Whilst not having the F.E.B. these…

Mcdonalds-90s-logo.svg  Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin & Hash Brown

BKsmall  XL Bacon Triple Cheeseburger & Chili Cheese Bites

Nandos_Logo_940x350px  Mango & Lime Whole Chicken (only Hull/Lincoln)

frank180  F&B Meatballs on Penne Pasta, loads of Parmesan

  Chicken Katsu Curry & Yo Rolls & Okonomiyaki

AkkYAgD3 copy  Budweiser Mega Ribs with baby potatoes

fayresmall  Corn Dogs – Fillet Steak Medallions

WetherspoonL  Eggs Benedict / 12oz Angus Steak

  Pulled Pork, Cheese, Olives, Pickles, Red Onion

logo-300x300  New York Deli

Domino-pizza-logo-1024x768  Mighty Meaty

greggs  Sausage/Egg/Bacon Roll – Bacon/Cheese Savory

  Fillet Tower Burger Meal (only Scunny)

Print  Carnitas Burrito with Salsa Verde

Taco_bell_logo-3  Grilled Stuffed Burrito

Reds  North Carolina Pulled Pork ‘n’ Slaw

500px-Tgi_fridays_logo13.svg copy  Double Glazed Ultimate Ribs

brewer_fayre  Steak, Kidney & Boddingtons Pudding

crown-carveries-in-general  Turkey, Gammon & plenty of Roasties

bpsmall  Indian: Chicken Tikka Sagwalla

3026-waga-logo  Pulled Pork Gyoza

Giraffe-logo_orange  Giraffe Burger and Skin on fries

harry-logo  Haddock, Chips, and Peas

Ed-s  Barbecue Deluxe Burger

Chiquito  Pulled Pork Baked Enchilada

HardRockCafe  Legendary 10oz Burger

44ce0de1-6858-47eb-8df9-0d3ad5a454ea  Carnitas Burrito with Salsa Tomatillo

1_frame_HEADER_IMAGE  Arancini Margherita

download (2)  Man vs Burrito with Pulled Pork

education-news-wok-and-go1  Mee Gee Seafood Box

little-chef  Breakfast Wrap, Lavazza Coffee

carluccios  Ravioli

tortilla copy  Carnitas Burrito

chimi  Pulled Pork Burrito

New-Bella-Logo  Polpette Americano (Spaggy Meatballs)

  Spaghetti with Meatballs

rebels  Pulled Pork Ultimate Platter with Beans and Chips

download (3)  8oz Fillet Steak with spicy chips

fiveguyslogo  Bacon Cheeseburger with Five Guys Style Fries

download (2)  All the Meats

37h6NGqS  Haddock Chips and Peas

sizzling  Complete Porker

  Utah Burger with Fried Egg, and Chips

  “Vitamin P” Plate

  Loaded Burrito – pork and chicken

  Texas BBQ Pit Tray

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Ribs and Bibs – Lincoln

Full Rack of Pork Babyback Ribs, 10 hour Slow Smoked Pulled Pork, Smoked Pork Bratwurst and House Smoked Bacon, served with Potato Salad or Fries and House Pickles

The ribs were the best ribs I have even crammed in my gaping maw. They were succulent and cooked to perfection as they just fell off the bones. The Pulled Pork had just the right amount of sauce on them, much like the ribs. I’m not a fan of too much sauce as it smothers the flavour of the meat. The sausage and bacon were sublime and I wouldn’t have said no to a couple of each.

I also had the New York Cheesecake Sundae for afters at it was a revelation. Ice cream and a cake of cheese, what a combo.

You pretty much have to book, but it’s worth it. Can’t wait to go back.

8-9 The Strait, Steep Hill, Lincoln, LN2 1JD

McDonalds Signature Burger

Ah McDonalds. Some say it’s shite. Some say it’s for kids, and then there are those like myself that frequent the golden arches way too much. Which is neither good for waistline, pocket, or general wellbeing.

Most of the burgers are way too sloppy with all the sauce they slather on. I always order mine sans sauce. I know that kinda defeats the object of say, a Big Mac, but I don’t like slop or grease on me fingers. The patties are generally thin so they are of wet consistency. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it does make for a greasy queasy feeling in yer throat after your third double cheeseburger. They do a great coffee though and the fries are the best of any fast food place I happen to have tried.

Then we have the Signature Collection.

These burgers are thick, dry, meaty, tasty, better bun – brioche, better accoutrements: lettuce, red onion, thick whole grain mustard mayo that’s a dollop not a gallon. Bacon.

The only let down is the cheese. Why do they insist on putting cheddar cheese slices on the better burgers. American cheese, Kraft cheese slices, whatever you want to call them, are what is supposed to reside on the meat of a burger. It stays the same consistency and colour hot or cold. Cheddar cheese slices just go transparent and taste of sod all.

There are currently only 140 outlets that do these delights. Unfortunately I live over half an hour away from the nearest few. Boo.

These are what Maccys should serve as the normal burger.

Fish and Chips

Ah Fish and Chips. The truly British Staple. One of the very few culinary delights this sceptred isle is known for in far flung foreign parts, you know, like France.

The chips…

Well, I for one love ’em. But they have to be right. There are many and varied ways of serving up a bag of chips. The way I see it, you may not agree, the chips have to be dry, crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle, and most importantly golden.

This state of loveliness is achieved by three elements – type of potato, type of cooking medium, and time.

Type of potato. You need a dry, fluffy spud. A Maris Piper for instance.
Type of cooking medium. Animal fat such as Lard – as hot as possible.
Time. Let em cook a bit. Get some colour in them.

Cooking a good chip requires lard. Don’t feck about with vegetable oil of any kind.
Cooking a good chip requires heat. Don’t feck about with low temps. Hot only.
Cooking a good chip requires time. A lovely golden hue requires patience.

Never feck about like the cheffy blogs and videos do. There is no need to cook them twice, there is no need to par-boil, there is no need to soak in brine. Peel yer spuds, chip them, let them sit for a bit to dry off, bang em in smoking hot fat and you will attain chip perfection.

The fish…

Haddock, Cod, Hake, Hoki, Plaice, or posh Sea Bass. Doesn’t matter. As long as it’s fresh as possible. A thicker fillet will take on less grease. A lovely light crispy batter surrounding a well cooked flaky fillet is a ticket to fishy heaven.

The moist element… (thanks Peter Kay)

Peas. Peas or Peas. OK, have your beans or gravy or even curry sauce. I usually reserve those for sausage/fish cake/spam fritter and chips. Fish=Peas in my book.

I have travelled the length and breadth of this fine country of ours. Sampled many a fine chip. There are many memorable chippys including:- The Chippy on Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth; Lees in the Woodshaw Centre, Wootton Bassett; Hasibo Traditional Fish & Chips on the High Street, Penge, to name a few.

Locally there are many, many chippys that fulfill my culinary needs but the cream of the crop has to be Papa’s in Willerby. Closely followed be Seaways in Cleethorpes, and Excel Fisheries in Scunthorpe. You cannot go wrong in any of these with Papa’s taking the crown. It was voted third best in the country. I cannot vouch for that, not having tried the other two but they must be phenomenal to garner more votes than Papa’s.

Some people like wet, floppy, greasy, lukewarm chips. That’s their prerogative. Not for me though. It’s always a lucky dip frequenting a new fish shop. One I’m happy to play. It’s a pleasure when you find a gem.

with lashings of salt and vinegar – obviously

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (UK)

Recently Five Guys was voted, in the UK, as the countries best fast food restaurant. To be honest, I cannot say that I have heard of them. So I thought to myself – “Hmmmm, I’ll be the judge of that” seeing as how I am a fat lardy and therefore partial to a patty or two.

I was working at Birmingham New Street and, lo and behold there is one there so I’ll have one as an end of week treat. Trouble was I didn’t see out the week in Brum. Nevermind on the way back from Oop North I called in at one of the Leeds outlets.

The décor, menus, and  signage are all simple. No faff. Just red for the words and simple wood for the tables and chairs. You order at the till and wait for your number to be called to collect the food. Drinks were at a Coke fountain that had 100+ flavours. There were nine flavours of Diet Coke alone. I had Vanilla.

Food ready – number called – bag collected – seat taken.

I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger, simple with just onions and pickle. (There are many other toppings to choose from if you prefer something else).

Five Guys Style fries, which were ‘skin on’ and salty. They were from Lincolnshire as the signs proclaimed – always a bonus.

The burger consisted of two succulent, tasty, cooked to perfection, patties ( dunno what weight they were as it isn’t mentioned, but my guess would be quarter pounders), Gooey cheese, well-done bacon, pickle, onion, on an unremarkable, save for it being slightly sweet, sesame seed bun. So far so normal.

I love a burger. McDonald’s, Burger King, Ed’s, TGI Friday, you name it. I can categorically state here and now that… FIVE GUYS – BEST BURGER EVER

They do Hot Dogs as well so will have to try them out also. The only downside, other than location, is the price. It’s quite steep as the meal was over £16.

Checkout the five guys menu to see what you may like.

BBQ Pulled Pork

Rebels Smokehouse in the fair city of Beverley – just off the A164 at the end of Wilbert Lane – is a fantastic place to get you some belly love.

All their food is great. They are an American style BBQ pit with loads of burgers and chicken and whatnot. My personal favourite is the Monster Pulled Pork Platter. You get a generous portion of porcine goodness (and I quote “Smoked in our wood burning stove for over 14 hours, hand pulled to remove fat and smothered in our famous smokey barbecue sauce”) chips, and a loverly side of  Mr. Taggart’s favourite, BBQ Beans, topped with more pulled pork.

It’s always tasty and succulent and fresh and loverly and, and and – Oh dear, I am now salivating and need to go to Beverly.

They also do a mahoosive hot dogs smothered in pulled pork. As well as…

A very messy Double Bacon Cheeseburger smothered in lashing of Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Cheese sauce held together with a Crackling jalapeño skewer.

A calzone packed full of our famous 16h Low n’ Slow BBQ Pulled Pork accompanied by our gooey Mac n cheese. This is heaven in a calzone!

RIBS, they do ribs. Glorious meaty ribs.

‪‎MeetMeatEat‬ for 4. Whole Smoked chicken, whole rack of BBQ smoked Ribs, Pulled Pork, Corn dogs, Sliders, and wings with a choice of 8 sides.
Also available for 2 with half of the above.

BIGFOOT Burrito!!! Just over a foot of Burrito stuffed with our famous 16h Low ‘n slow smoked Pulled pork.

I know this is like an advert for Rebels, but, by sweet baby jebus and the orphans, if you like meaty meals get yourself to Rebels.

Or there is…

REDS – Leeds / Nottingham
The FILLING STATION – Doncaster / Retford

Where are my keys? Bridge money? Check and Check, let’s roll

Guinness Dublin Porter

I am, and have been for quite some time, a Guinness Stout drinker which is now brewed exclusively in Dublin, Ireland.

I have and will drink most alcoholic beverages. I’m currently enjoying the clean crisp taste of Grolsch Lager. Most Lagers are brewed in the UK under licence. Therefore a french beer, such as Kronenberg, is actually brewed here. Same with the likes of Fosters, Grolsch, or Budweiser. This is not such a bad thing as they use the imported hops and barley of the original.

Unfortunately, Guinness is best enjoyed from draft. Some of the versions in cans are too fizzy and weak tasting. There is even a version you need a vibrating plate to get it to act like draft.

Luckily there is a porter that the good folks at Guinness brew which, when bottled is excellent. Yes it’s a little fizzy, but that’s the way a porter should be. Sweeter than regular Stout, less bitter, less astringent, some say it’s got a chocolaty taste?

I’m a big fan of this beverage. Many, many bottles have been consumed and I would attest to loving the Porter style beer.

Will have to try their West Indies Porter

Swizzels Double Lollies

Is there a greater lolly than the Swizzels Double Lolly?

I think mayhaps not. Chalky in structure, not boiled sugar like Chuppa-Chups. Not too sweet, just perfect. I recently ate seven of the buggers and felt sick. This hasn’t diminished my appreciation for the Double lolly however, as I still love ’em.

Bacon Sandwich

I have just had the best, self made, bacon butty in my life.

It was made simply from unsmoked bacon from Spoilt Pig, five rashers, a ‘Scotch Big Eat Roll’ from ASDA, and Salted Butter from Lurpak.

Yes, a naked, no condiment, no extra, no faff, bacon butty of the highest order. Cooked to perfection in my Tefal Optigrill. If you don’t know, it’s the one that’s got a computer in the handle and a thickness meter in it’s hinge. Set to ‘Bacon’ I always leave it a little past well done for porky greatness.

I have tried many bacons in my grill. Spoilt Pig unsmoked back bacon seems the best bet for me. I usually go for bacon that’s got as little fat on it as possible. Going so far as to purchase Bacon medallions that have none at all. No need with this choice pigginess as the fat just crisps up lovely. I do not like bacon when the fat stays all chewy and slippery and gross. Must be crispy, Must be or not there.

Slimy, chewy fat is the main reason I eat sausage butties out and about. Well, preferably Sausage and Egg. The best of which can be had at Sally’s Sandwich Shop on Scotter Road, Scunthorpe.

To rolls, or if you prefer buns, baps, cobs, barm, or any number of names for them. I love the ones at Sally’s, and ASDA Scotch Big Eats, because they are soft and squidgy. That’s how I roll 🙂

Lurpak Butter. Got to be Butter, may as well have a good one.

Yes, I could have had Brown Sauce as I love it, but I thought I’d go simple and what a good choice that was. Sometimes all you taste is the sauce – a reason why I don’t have it on burgers – nice as it is I wanted to taste the bacon in it’s purest form.

Well, the grill just beeped to say it’s back to temp – Round Two



Yes, Maccy’s have the McRib in the UK at the minute, delicious as it is, it’s not a patch on actual slow cooked pork ribs. Cooked low for a long time, until they fall apart at the merest whiff of a fork.

I have to use a fork due to my weirdness. I cannot stand food on my fingers. Sauces and grease make me feel queasy if they are covering my digits. Therefore I eat ribs with a knife and fork. This means they have to basically fall off the bones. Rib bones are very difficult to hold with a piece of cutlery. Luckily most places cook the pork so they tear off easily and cleanly.

In the past you had to go to a specialist BBQ place to get decent ribs. Damons in Lincoln was the place to go for us Yellow Bellies, but now there are many emporiums that can cook a decent rib. Which is good because Damons Racks have become decidedly average of late. Smaller than before and not so special, a rack and a half used to finish me off yet now I’m craving a pudding, even Harvester do bigger better ribs. Their Budweiser Mega Ribs are sublime. I haven’t been served a bad rack up to now. (if in TGI Friday – remember NOT to order the Jack Daniels Sauce on yer ribs as the dressing is awful, too sweet and acidic)

Cooking at home in days of yore was a no-no as not one supermarket could come up with an edible rib. You’d be better off eating a shoe. Yes, I could have some from the butcher and gone to the trouble of marinating and what-not, but who has the time for that malarkey. No. Ready cooked racks you finish in the oven to perfection – always bake for 10 to 15 minutes more than instructions recommend, covered to prevent drying of the sauce – are now a possibility.

Starting with M&S, who’s BBQ Rib Ticklers – “low and slow applewood smoked British pork rib rack served with a sticky apple bbq glaze” – are transcendent, divine, heavenly, glorious even. Never any gristle or bone fragments, fall off the bone, I’ve yet to take them from pan to plate without the rack breaking, these ribs are the best. £14.00 for two – a bargain for perfection.

Tesco then stepped up with New York Style Pork Ribs – “A slowly cooked, marinated rack of pork ribs with New York style sauce. Slowly cooked for 4 hours in a blend of pepper & spices with a smoky BBQ sauce to finish” – we can now enjoy porky goodness to our liking from a major player. Succulent meat, no gristle, great spicy sweet sauce. These are moorish. I don’t understand why they print Great For Sharing on the box though, because Tucker don’t Share Food. Especially meat based cuisine. £4.00 each or two for £7.00

Next I want to try the Waitrose offering, I have heard good things. I will update this paragraph with the results.

I’m not saying supermarket ribs, even M&S, can compete with a bona-fide BBQ pit, but they are near enough to the ones I have sampled here in the UK. Having watched, salivating usually, Man vs Food on the Good Food channel, I would love to follow in Adam’s footsteps and eat at all the places he frequents, to taste and enjoy genuine BBQ pit ribs. Would they be any better? Funds do not allow a trip to the US and A, so I’ll have to make do with my favourites above.

Please recommend me a BBQ pit here in the UK, or shop bought Rack in the comments. I wanna sample them all.